I specialise in interview-driven testimonial videos. 

Let’s say you’re an executive charged with finding a supplier for a multi-million dollar automation line. Would you rather hear from the CEOs of the various companies or from the customers who received their products?  I thought so.

You might wonder how a non-PR trained executive could deliver an effective interview.  That’s the best part. The ‘interviews’ are not what you might be thinking of (TV, journalism, etc.). Nobody can bear that. No, these are really conversations driven by questions I don’t know the answers to. The interview may be 15, 20, 30 minutes or more long. In the end all the intended audience will see and hear are the 3 to 3 1/2 minutes that is edited into a seamless impactful statement fit for the purpose of marketing or sales with relevant footage that supports or illustrates what’s being said.


Ok, let’s get that out of the way. The base rate for nearly all of the corporate videos shown below (and all the rest that appear on my YouTube channel), is £2000, plus minimal expenses. That presumes a single location on a single day.  Multiple locations, multiple days and some other factors will increase that price, but as I said, most of the samples you see here were £2000. Drone footage is a £250 fee on top.



I know I said testimonials are the ideal marketing and sales tool. That works well with huge, multi-million dollar installations. But that’s not to say that a business owner or executive can’t sell his company or services just as effectively.

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